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September 1, 2021

Back to School-Driving Safety

It is that time of year when children are returning to school, school buses are on the road and It’s Back to School time – which means it’s back to school buses on the roads & more pedestrians in school zones & neighborhoods. Here are some things that drivers and students should remember for Driving Safety!

  1. Always watch school buses for their flashing lights and blinking stop signs. Never drive past a bus with its safety lights on, even if you don’t see a child in the vicinity – there may be one at any second. It is illegal to pass a school bus from behind when it has its flashing yellow lights on. You must stop when the bus’ blinking stop sign is extended.  Never drive past a bus with their safety lights flashing, even if you do not see a child in the vicinity-there may be one at any second.
  2. Heed warnings for school zones, and be alert for students suddenly walking into the roadway. Commute time for workers is often also commute time for students – stay alert, don’t drive distracted, and slow down.
  3. If you are a walking to work or school, also stay alert to your surroundings: Do not wear headphones that cancel out traffic noise, do not dribble or kick a ball while walking, and do not walk and text/email. Do use crosswalks and obey traffic signals indicating when it is safe to cross the street.
  4. Plan ahead: Give yourself extra time, especially when adjusting back to school-year schedules, which are often earlier than summer routines. Rushing only adds stress, which increases your level of distraction.

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