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September 2, 2016

Driving Technology to reduce Distracted Driving

One of the carriers that our agency represents plans to offer its policyholders distracted driving technology from Cellcontrol to help reduce distracted driving claims.

Ohio Mutual has entered into an agreement with Cellcontrol to help reduce distracted driving claims by introducing a combination hardware device and software. A toll booth like reader, called DriveID, is affixed to the inside windshield and then wirelessly connects to the Cellcontrol app on the driver’s phone. Cellcontrol can block all the functionality of an iOS or Android phone, or only specific apps and/or functionality. It also can provide the administrator (parent or employers) a report on how the driver is driving (i.e. speed, hard braking, etc.).

Ohio Mutual agents can purchase the Cellcontrol DriveID devices at a special discounted price, and make them available to their Ohio Mutual policyholders. Cellcontrol devices may be eligible for reimbursement through Ohio Mutual’s Partnership Investment Program (PIP).

Cellcontrol has also created an exclusive Ohio Mutual agent portal where agents can order the devices directly, and access educational and marketing material – including brochures, email templates, social media posts, videos, and links to other material and media content. Policyholders will receive a special discount for purchasing Cellcontrol’s DriveID device at a price cheaper than the retail amount of $129.

Ohio Mutual noted in its announcement that distracted driving causes wrecks that kill eight people and injure over 1,100 more each day in the United States alone. Car crashes are also the number one killer of teenagers between 16-19 years of age.

Through the partnership with Cellcontrol, “our goal is to provide our agent partners education and tools like Cellcontrol so they can work with our policyholders to prevent accidents before they happen,” said Ohio Mutual President and CEO Mark C. Russell.

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, founded in 1901, is based in Bucyrus, Ohio, and distributes property and casualty insurance products throughout Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Source: Ohio Mutual Insurance Group

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