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November 29, 2023

How to Avoid Animal Collisions & What to Do After

The risk of a deer-car collision is heightened this time of year due to earlier sunsets and less visibility during peak driving hours. Here are a few tips to help you avoid causing a crash, and what to do if one occurs.

Tips to Help Avoid Hitting a Deer

  1. • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to road signs and warnings, especially near wooded areas and during dusk and dawn, which is when deer are most active. • Deer travel in packs, meaning if you spot one deer, there are most likely more. When you see a deer, maintain cautious driving as more deer may follow.
  2. • On a multi-lane road or highway, stick to the center lanes. If a deer comes from the side of the road, you’ll have more time in the center lane to react.
  3. • Avoid speeding up if a deer is in your path, and instead try to come to a complete stop. If a crash is unavoidable, don’t swerve into another lane and try to remain calm.

What To Do In Case of a Collision

  1. • After a collision with a deer, get to a safe place, check if anyone involved is injured, call the police, document the accident and f ile a claim. You can find more tips on what to do after a car crash here.
  2. • Call the police if the deer is still in the road. The dispatcher will alert the proper authorities to remove the deer. Reporting a Claim With Plymouth Rock, we make it easy to report and track your claim.
  3. ONLINE Report a claim online via your insurance carrier to help manage claim.
  4. • If the deer is alive, avoid approaching or touching the animal. A wounded deer will likely be frightened and dangerous.
  5. • If you carry Comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, you have coverage for damage to your vehicle due to an animal strike, subject to applicable coverage exclusions.

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