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August 29, 2023

Tips for Hurricane Preparation

Hurricanes are destructive and dangerous due to flooding, heavy winds and more. To ensure our clients are prepared, we created a hurricane preparation guide with tips on how to stay safe and get ready for stormy weather.

 Before a Hurricane Strikes

  1.  Stock up on emergency supplies including water, non-perishable food, blankets, a first-aid kit, medication, a cell phone with a charger and a flashlight with extra batteries.  
  2. Protect items like insurance documents, birth certificates and medical files in a strong waterproof container. 
  3. Secure outdoor items like patio furniture, trampolines, potted plants and bikes. If possible, bring them indoors.
  4. Move your vehicle to a garage or higher ground in case of flooding. Avoid parking near overhanging branches as well.
  5. Review your insurance policies with your agent prior to bad weather to ensure you have adequate coverage in case repairs or replacements are necessary.

 During a Hurricane

  1. Frequently check for severe weather warnings and important news updates within your area.
  2. Plan an evacuation route in case of emergency. Always follow your area’s disaster preparedness plans.
  3. If your area is prone to flooding, move furniture off the floor and electronic devices to elevated surfaces.
  4. If your home is serviced by well water, fill buckets and bathtubs with water to use until your water pump is powered by electricity again.

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